Welcome to Miracle of Love, the Jake and Tiffani fanlisting. Jake and Tiffani were a couple on the TNBC Saturday morning show, California Dreams. A fanlisting is a website with a listing of fans dedicated to something or in this case the relationship between Jake and Tiffani. To learn more about Jake and Tiff, click on about. Other wise read the rules and join. Any comment and questions can be sent here.


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Miracle of Love is a fanlisting dedicated to the relationship between Jake, played by Jay Anthony Franke and Tiffani, played by Kelly Packard, from California Dreams. You may remember California Dreams on NBC on Saturdays along with Save By the Bell: The New Class. Jake and Tiffani were a part of the California Dreams band. Jake joined the band during the second season. He at first hooked up with Tiffani's best friend Jenny but it didn't work out when she had to move away. Eventually Jake and Tiffani fell for each other. In the episode titled, Surfboards and Cycles, Tiffani takes Auto Shop to prove to Jake that girls can do anything guys can do, and they fall for each other in the process and that was the beginning of their relationship. But they ended up breaking up in the episode titled, Indecent Promposal. Jake catches Tiffani kissing another guy at their Junior Prom. Jake went on to date Lorena but their relationship ended in the episode titled, Two, Too much as he realized that he still loved Tiffani. Jake and Tiffani eventually get back together and stayed together until the end of the series.

Click here to get the California Dream's episode guide. Pictures from layout courtesy of Mel's California Dreams Page


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